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The life of an elite athlete can be lonely. Heading out the door on a cold November morning to put in 40km of work 9 months before the race you're training for, no company, no headphones, just you, the road behind and the road ahead. For years I believed that this example was a microcosmic representation of sport as a whole: A selfish pursuit of individual greatness, balancing nature and nurture to reach your full potential...


And then Rio happened. With CANADA strewn across my chest a nation applauded. Deciding not to appeal a call that could have seen me win the Olympic Bronze medal in the 50km race walk was easy (and correct), but the fact that such a decision resonated with so many Canadians taught me that sport is so much more than a selfish pursuit. Sport is an arena to develop & showcase your values, to be an ambassador, and to have your voice be heard.   

I view this arena not only as an enormous privilege, but also as a responsibility to be the best ambassador I can be. For me that means taking what I am good at, namely walking quickly for long periods of time, and using that for a greater good. That's why, starting October 2nd, I'll be walking 25km a day for 25 days seeking donations for KidSport BC, seeing if we can raise $25,000.  Sport gave me confidence, allowed me to find my voice and nurtured me into the person I am today. No kid should have to miss out on these opportunities, and KidSport helps ensure that they don't.

Sport is an arena to develop & showcase your values, to be an ambassador, and to have your voice be heard.

Please join me in helping support this great cause. A donation of $25 goes a long way to getting more kids playing sport! If you can't donate now, have no fear, sharing my journey with your network would help us reach as many people as possible! 


School Talks

As part of this endeavour, during Fall 2018, I am looking to connect with 25 schools to share my passion for sport and through telling my story show the transformative power sport can have. This engaging event will feature discussions, give-aways, and a chance to raise money that will go directly to your local KidSport chapter.

If you think your lower mainland school would be interested, learn more by clicking the button below.   


Celebrating 25 years of KidSport

Founded by Sport BC in 1993, KidSport’s mission is to remove the financial barriers that can prevent children from playing organized sport, with the vision #SoALLKidsCanPlay. 

Sport has shaped me into the person I am today, teaching me hard work, dedication, goal setting, sportsmanship and creating a sense of belonging and community. I know first hand the value of sport and believe this opportunity should be accessible to every single kid, regardless of financial barriers. 

As a KidSport ambassador and 2016 Olympian in the 20km and 50km race walk I am walking 25km a day for 25 days to raise money for KidSport BC to help ensure that no child misses out on what I had the privilege of experiencing. 

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This event wouldn't be possible without their help and support:

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